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Personal development coaching for leadership and change


Look at these two statistics:

"as few as 8-12% of those who attend training translate new skills into measurable performance improvement back at work"
CIPD: 'Coaching - a useful business tool or a 21st century executive status symbol'

"Managers describe an average return of $100,000 - many times what the coaching costs their companies."
Fortune magazine 19/02/2001

Which sounds like the better choice to you?

Whether you are looking at making choices about your business, your career or the way you perform as a manager, just how much could this kind of change be worth to you? Email me now for a free initial consultation.

I am a professional coach who helps capable people make the choices that best serve them in their professional and personal lives.

Because my coaching approach is specific to the individual, tailored to their agenda, and about getting things done, my clients are putting their learning into practice from Day 1.

I developed my personal development coaching approach after looking at twenty years of experience of business, education and careers, as well as real-world coaching research, to find out what works for my clients.

Here's how just a handful of professionals and managers feel about how it worked for them:

"I came out of our sessions catapulted into the rest of the day" - IT systems specialist, HSBC.

"I got a hell of a lot out of our sessions. It helped me tremendously in terms of putting the pieces of the puzzle together" - Business analyst, IBM.

"Thinking positively about the future helped me do things to bring it about." - Accountancy trainee, London.

"The day I spoke to you, everything changed." - Entrepreneur, Herts.

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Peter Jackson is a
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Peter holds an MA (with distinction) in Coaching & Mentoring Practice and an MSc in Organisational Behaviour