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Personal development coaching for leadership and change

  You are capable and intelligent and you find yourself facing a situation or decision which makes you feel unsure. Perhaps there's some sort of block.

What will you get out of coaching? People get many different things depending on where they want to go. You may be looking to improve how you perform in your current job, to move up a step, to do some serious career planning, or to bring about a complete career change. I have a track record of helping people in ...

  • getting much clearer about purpose and objectives;
  • becoming much more responsive to opportunities;
  • performing much better against their goals.

How much would that would be worth to you and your personal change agenda? How could it affect staff in your organisation? Here are some of the benefits other people have enjoyed from working with me as a coach.

Lacking the self-confidence you want to bring about change?

"As a direct result of Pete's coaching, I do finally believe that I can be an achiever."

"I learnt to be kinder to myself, pace myself, and I discovered what worked for me and what didn't. I began to value the things I had to offer and the 'tasks' helped me structure the way forward with confidence and insight."

Not getting where you need to go?

"I had an idea about an alternative title for what you do - 'Life Goal Project Manager'"

Making hard work of making progress?

"There were things I wanted to do and things I wanted to change, but wasn't really engaging with it ... Thinking positively about the future helped me do things to bring it about."

Not sure how to find the right coach?

"I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed it. If someone asked me about coaching I would have no hesitation in saying 'This is your man'."

When is the right time?

All sorts of events can trigger the need to change. New responsibilities or some kind of external impact on your situation can bring them to the fore and make change feel more urgent. But change can also be planned and achieved in advance.

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