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Personal development coaching for leadership and change

This page is where I can offer useful tools and perspectives relating to coaching and personal development. Feel free to browse and download, or bookmark this page and come back when you've got more time.

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Personal development tools

  A template for writing your own personal development plan (PDP) [download PDF] (25k).

  And an easy to follow explanation of how to use the personal development plan (PDP) template [download PDF] (115k).

  An alternative template for breaking down goal areas into concrete tasks (which could equally be used for PDPs) [download PDF] (28k).

Career management tools

  A systems model of the role of the organisation, manager, and individual in the context of organisational career management [download PDF] (60k).

  Brief notes on how the systems model above was used in practice (see also 'Process Mapping: a hard tool in a soft world', below) [download PDF] (84k).

Coaching forms

These simple forms are used by students on the Oxford Brookes MA in Coaching & Mentoring Practice. They are provided to students as a useful jumping off point rather than as an ideal. You may find them useful in the same way. They are made available here with the permission of the course director.

  A pro-forma for discussing and recording the progress of a face-to-face meeting [download PDF] (40k).

  A pro-forma for individual reflection [download PDF] (40k).

  A pro-forma for action or development planning [download PDF] (40k).

Articles, short papers and publications.

  Interview with John Harbin, Crystal Palace FC fitness coach [download PDF] (192k).
(For the Bulletin of the Association for Coaching, February 2006)

  Interview with Charles Jones on coaching qualities and qualifications [download PDF] (160k).
(For the Bulletin of the Association for Coaching, February 2005)

  Think smarter
(Originally published on, 11 March 2004)

  Performing on purpose
(Originally published on, 12 February 2004)

  Work-life balance: swings, roundabouts or a bit of both? Two complementary models.
(Originally published on, 15 January 2004)

  New Year's dissolutions How to avoid changing anything in 2004.
(Originally published on, 18 December 2003)

  Why coaching matters. The first in a series of three articles looks at how coaching has emerged from the changing business environment.
(Adapted from articles originally published on, 20 November 2003)

  What is coaching? The second of the three articles looks briefly at some of the characteristics of different approaches.

  How do coaches coach? The final article looks at some of the differences in the way coaches work.

  'How2 set management standards'. A practical discussion of how to implement competency frameworks so that they achieve real change [download PDF] (134k).
(Originally published on
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  'How2 be a mentor to a new employee' works through the skills and attributes that are required to mentor successfully in an in-company scheme, derived not only from the needs of the business, but also the individuality of the prospective mentor [download PDF] (183k).
(Originally published on
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Links to further resources. a superb values-driven site for people looking to change.

  Tools4Coaches excellent tools developed by a practising coach.

 The Personal Well Being Center delivering change based on Positive Psychology.

 Details of the Oxford Brookes MA in Coaching & Mentoring Practice.

 Upcoming short coaching workshops at Oxford Brookes University.

 Independent register of qualifying students on the Oxford Brookes MA in Coaching & Mentoring Practice.

Academic and other publications.

Jackson, P. (2005) 'How do we describe coaching? An exploratory development of a typology of coaching based on the accounts of UK-based practitioners', International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring, Vol.3 No.2.

Jackson, P. (2004) 'Process mapping: hard tool in a soft world', Organisations & People Vol.11 No.3. [view introduction].

Jackson, P. (2004) 'Understanding the experience of experience: a practical model of reflective practice for Coaching', International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring, Vol.2 No.1.

Colgan, L. and Jackson, P. (1993) 'Making Usability Usable', Journal of the European Association of Cognitive Ergonomists, Vol.1 No.1.